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Hi Mister W!, our spring and summer collection, featured @COCOmag.

Milk JAPON WEB Interview

Now featuring in Milk JAPON WEB.

Wolf and Rita Interview @ COCOmag Japan


We had such a lovely time in Japan! Check out our interview @ COCOmag Japan.

No more boring art in The New Story Magazine.

Boring Art is for sure something you cannot not find in the new magazine The New Story.  Check it out and also make sure to check our No More Boring Art t-shirt in our online shop.


Wolf and Rita & The New Story

Proud to be featured in the debut of the new magazine The New Story.  Editorial photographed by Mélanie Rodriguez. Stylist Deborah Sfez.



Photo Piotr Motyka
Art Director/Styling Tracey Jacob 
Hair & Makeup Rose Angus
Stylist assistant Ella Crisp 
Photographer assistant Damian Flack

Kid´s Wear Magazine


Art is a mirror of everything that happens in the world, but it can also change our outlook on the world.
We live in fast-changing and troubled times… so innocence, hope and dreams are treasures to revere and protect.
There is magic in growing up while trying to hold on to the innocence of childhood.
And the wonderful thing about Wolf & Rita is they are constantly celebrating being young and adventurous…
The idea behind the Portuguese brand emerged from a history of more than 30 years of experience in specialized shirts-making…
Now by embracing the use of old techniques together with their experience, Wolf & Rita cultivates the savoir-faire and inspiration of the past to create children’s wear for everyday use.

Have a look at:

Text by Claudia Antonia Merkle



No More Boring Art kidswear from Wolf & Rita for fall/winter 2017 is released on the 20th July and we have a sneak peek today. Notes from the press release below explain the collection far better than I could without all the references!

“If I saw the art around me that I liked, then I wouldn’t do art.” John Baldessari

‘Art is a mirror of everything that happens in the world, but it can also change our outlook on the world.

At Wolf & Rita we are always on the search for creative and uplifting works
of art. For our AW 17’18 collection we looked into the work of artists John Baldessari,
Eduardo Matos, and Shõji Ueda. Long time admirers of Baldessari’s art, we combined his mix of archival photography with dots and smears of paint with the delicate sculptures of Eduardo de Matos to create the bold, joyful and colourful prints of this collection.

Equally inspiring was the photographic work of Shõji Ueda in its quiet and graceful remembrance of youth and exquisite celebration of the beauty of little things. We live in fast-changing and troubled times, so innocence, hope and dreams are treasures to revere and protect.

The release also includes an adult capsule collection but I have concentrated on the kids fashion today.




Sand In Your Shorts | kids blog

Today is the world-wide release day of Wolf & Rita‘s AW17 collection ‘No More Boring Art’. The collection that is inspired by the great art work of John Baldessari, Eduardo Matos, and Shõji Ueda has bold, colorful prints and really is far from being dull. The unique way of approaching kids wear is already a trademark of this Portuguese brand and they are doing it again – being bold, adventurous and artsy. Another great collection to own and to cherish – because in a way Wolf & Rita’s every season is such a masterpiece that you’d want to keep for years to come, almost like collectors’ pieces.

This time around Wolf & Rita is playing a lot with knit wear but keep their key elements also alive – crazy ruffles, outstanding shirts and loose-cut trousers. And if the collection wasn’t crazy enough… they have added also the most amazing socks to it!!